About me


Ketty is a GeoSpatial data and technology Specialist. In the past, she has worked on an open data eco-system project at Mountbatten Limited. This involved building a data standards procedure, cleaning and analyzing open datasets, curating open datasets, documenting technical procedures for data management tools and managing open data registries and software development procedures. Her work involved making sure that the technology dimension of the open data ecosystem is robust enough to handle data that comes in from different data sources.

Along side her regular work, she is involved in building the OpenStreetMap community in Uganda. This has led her to train several university students and build capacity in different organizations in the use of OpenStreetMap for geospatial data collection and consequent better living spaces for the people in the individual communities. As her regular job suggests, Ketty enjoys working with data and is a School of Data mentor and mentors in area likes data cleaning, making web maps using open source tools and anything in between.

Ketty is a Google and U.S Agency for International Development Fellow for the 2013 International Conference of Crisis Mappers  and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) Computer Science and Physics from Makerere University.

Ketty lives in Kampala, Uganda.


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